With great excitement, YDance (Scottish Youth Dance) – the award-winning national dance organisation for children and young people in Scotland announces a new partnership with Presenter Robyn Richford.

Robyn first joined YDance in 2008 as one of our students for Project Y and went on to have a successful career in the performing arts. We were overjoyed when she contacted us early this year and asked to partner with us.

Robyn Richford is a TV and radio presenter best known for presenting ITV’s hit morning show Scrambled!, the weekend breakfast show on Fun Kids Radio and BBC Radio 1

“It wasn’t until years later, and a global pandemic, that I realised how important YDance had been in my journey. The timing was crucial as the opportunity came when my personal life was tough, and my hope faded. YDance provided me with escapism a sense of community, and they believed in me, which has brought me here as an ambassador. I know so many young people will be feeling similar, and I genuinely believe performing arts can open doors you didn’t even know possible or give you a little light at the end of the dark tunnel. I am passionate about opening as many doors for young people in Scotland as I can or at least just letting them know that there are doors there to be opened. I’m so excited about this partnership.” – Robyn Richford.