Dance Floor Hire

Dance Floor Hire

Are you looking to hire a dance floor for your next performance or event?

You can hire our Harlequin Liberty dance floor for only £200 per day. The maximum size of the dance floor is 14m x 15m.

Harlequin Liberty is a sprung floor panel system, designed for permanent or portable installation. Panels are laid in a brickwork fashion onto the sub-floor, so that cross joins do not coincide. The panels join together by a rounded tongue and groove, which is secured in place using a ‘one turn of the key’ latch and lock mechanism. Harlequin Liberty is topped with vinyl performance floor.

The sprung floor panels and the accompanying portable vinyl floor are stored in carts, for easy and safe way for stage crew to move them on tour or around a venue. Installation can be carried out by yourself or by a skilled technical operator.

The hire of the dance floor is £200 per day. You will be responsible for the collection, installation and return of the dance floor. If you wish to discuss this further please contact Lauren, or call 0141 552 7712.   

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