Other Performances

Other Performances

About other performances

Some performances and events YDance creates don’t fit neatly into any single category, however as the company has grown, so more requests are received for YDance to contribute performances for special occasions.

Other performances include:

Homecoming 2009

Young dancers from various YDance projects performed at Edinburgh Castle for the launch of Scotland’s Year of Homecoming, when the Scottish Government welcomed visitors from around the world who came to explore their Scottish heritage and roots.

Edinburgh Chamber Quartet

In 2017, members of the National Youth Dance Company of Scotland worked with choreographer Marc Brew to create 3 short pieces of work to music performed by the Edinburgh Chamber Quartet project, which were performed live with the musicians at Summerhall in Edinburgh.

Scotland’s Urban Past

In 2017, YDance created a performance piece for Scotland’s Urban Past – a project led by Historic Environment Scotland looking at the history of Scotland’s towns and cities. The piece showcased a new “magic box” projector which responds to touch, with the speed of the images being projected being controlled by the person who touches it as it synchronised with their heartbeat.

BBC #DancePassion

In April 2019, dance companies from across the UK came together to take part in #DancePassion – a week long digital dance festival devised by the BBC and One Dance UK to celebrate dance across the UK. Five young dancers representing YDance took part in an extraordinary dance performance at BBC Scotland’s Pacific Quay building. ‘Flight’, choreographed by Jamiel Laurence.

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