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Dance education is about providing opportunities and changing attitudes towards dance.

YDance Education programmes aim to provide a high-quality dance experience for children and young people in schools and FE institutions. YDance works with a wide range of education providers to deliver work which encourages dance participation, creativity and dance appreciation, especially for children and young people who face barriers to participating in dance.

Dance across the curriculum

We value dance as not just a physical activity but as an expressive art and strive to aid the development of children’s appreciation for performance. Participation in dance activities contributes to children and young people’s physical activity. Experiences and outcomes in dance can be readily linked with those for health and wellbeing and the expressive arts. All sessions aim to meet the benchmarks required for dance at each stage of the curriculum.

Dance offers exciting opportunities for interdisciplinary work with other areas of the curriculum. Embedding creativity within the Curriculum for Excellence is core to the YDance education programme. The flexibility of dance as a tool for learning and as a standalone subject, makes dance an effective vehicle to explore many subject areas, including maths, science, history and more. YDance is experienced in delivering across curriculum areas.  Our professional dance artists lead and collaborate with teachers to produce learning outcomes in identified curriculum areas and/or SQA qualifications. This innovative approach to teaching combines the skills of artist and teacher to inspire learning and bring the curriculum to life, enabling learning that is relevant, challenging, enjoyable and gives pupils opportunities to gain recognition for individual achievements.

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