Shake It Up

Shake It Up Package

Shake It Up Package

Shake It Up (SIU) is a YDance initiative to support the national goal of improving attainment in primary schools.

SIU provides opportunity for primary pupils to experience dance as an intervention which supports learning and aims to increase engagement through a kinaesthetic process.

The programme is designed to enable children to engage with a range of curriculum subjects (numeracy, literacy, health & well-being and social-sciences) through dance and to support teachers with the skills and knowledge to develop integrated curricular dance delivery.

To enable schools out-with the research of the main project to access Shake It Up we have created a package offer where we will work directly with your school to tailor the content to your individual needs.

The Aims of Shake it Up


  • Increase pupils’ engagement with learning
  • Increase in subject knowledge, achievement and attainment
  • Improve self-confidence, social skills, concentration and team working
  • Improve health and wellbeing through physical activity


  • Develop new methods of effective teaching by exploring ways to use dance in cross curricular work
  • Develop skills and confidence in delivering dance as a subject and teaching through dance

4 Week Package

(4 full days) = £750+VAT and travel

  • 1 day per week x 4 weeks
  • Pre-planning meeting
  • Exit meeting

6-week package

(6 full days) and a free resource = £1000+VAT and travel

  • 1 day per week x 6 weeks
  • Pre-planning meeting
  • Exit meeting

Schools cannot use the YDance Stars Loyalty Programme to claim a SIU package. However, they can redeem stars to claim a general workshop.

Contact Us

If you are interested in bringing the Shake It Up Package to your school:

Call: 0141 552 7712


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