Guidelines and Information 

2022/2023 National Youth Dance Company of Scotland 

The National Youth Dance Company of Scotland holds annual auditions to select up to 12 dancers who meet to train with the YDance Artistic Director and guest choreographers to create exciting and challenging new contemporary dance pieces working towards high profile public performances representing Scotland on a national and international stage.  The company takes part in exchanges with other national and international youth dance companies. Auditions are open to dancers who are either from Scotland or currently living in Scotland and  who are aged 16-21 at the date of audition.  


Creation Intensives, Rehearsals and Performances 

The company meets monthly for a whole weekend, 930.30am-5pm from October 2022 to February 2023 to create the new contemporary dance piece. The new work will premiere at Eden Court, Inverness in February 2023 then rehearsals and other performances at high profile events will take place between  March and August 2023.  

YDance will seek out suitable and often high-profile performance opportunities for the company in Scotland, across the UK and internationally.  Previous NYDCS companies have performed at Sadler’s Wells in London, Dance International Glasgow (DIG Festival) at Tramway, Merchant City Festival in Glasgow and U.Dance at Southbank Centre in London, and in Nottingham, Salford, Birmingham and Leeds. The company has participated in Festivals and exchanges in Australia, India, Belgium, France and Ireland.  

New for 22/23 

The Celtic Collective partnership will continue to run with National Youth Dance Wales and new for this year will be an exchange and performance project with the National Youth Dance Company of Estonia. 

For international opportunities, company members will be required to fundraise and/or contribute towards the costs. Company members must be able to attend all performances. 

Please check you can commit to all creation and rehearsal dates overleaf. We will confirm final performances as soon as possible. 


All dancers in the company will have three mentor sessions across the years programme with the Artistic Director and NYDCS rehearsal director to support their development within the company and ensure they feel supported and nurtured. These are held on zoom in November, March and July. 

Dance ambassadors for Scotland 

NYDCS members will be treated as professional dancers and as such are reminded that they are ambassadors for YDance and youth dance in Scotland. Company membership should be regarded as an exclusive learning and development opportunity for dancers and therefore a privilege.  YDance requires that all members conduct themselves in a professional manner while engaged in company activities. 

Costs / Expenses 

There is no membership fee for being part of the National Youth Dance Company of Scotland.  

Rehearsals : Dancers MUST attend all rehearsals. YDance will pay company members who travel more than 15 miles to rehearsals a maximum daily travel allowance of £15. Rehearsals are held in Glasgow. Please note that company members who live in Glasgow or within a 15-mile radius of Glasgow will not be eligible for the travel allowance payment for attending rehearsals. Claims will be payable against receipts provided. 

Performances : For performances which take place more than 15 miles from the Company’s Glasgow base, YDance will arrange transport and accommodation or re-imburse dancer’s travel expenses (second class rail fares or equivalent). 


YDance will use email and the NYDCS Facebook group to communicate all information including rehearsal and performance dates and times to company members. It is the responsibility of individuals to check their own accounts regularly and respond promptly to all correspondence. If you change your telephone number or other contact details, you must inform the office asap. YDance reserves the right to exclude company members if you do not respond within requested timescales, or if you do not attend rehearsal or performance days without a reasonable excuse, or without informing YDance in advance. 

For international opportunities, company members will be required to fundraise and/or contribute towards the costs. Company members must be able to attend all performances. 

Dates 2022-2023 ** Details in italics are TBC  


Creation weekend 

8 & 9 October 2022 West College, Renfrew Road, Paisley 9am-5pm 

Creation weekend  

19 & 20 November 2022 West College, Renfrew Road, Paisley 9am-5pm 

Creation weekend 

10 & 11 December 2022 West College, Renfrew Road, Paisley 9am-5pm 

Creation weekend  

14 & 15 January 2023   

Creation Intensive  

11 – 14 February 2023   

Rehearsal and guest workshop weekend 

25 – 26 March 2023  

International Exchange  

Performance and exchange with National Youth Dance Company of Estonia – Spring / Summer 23 


18th Feb 2023 Premiere at Eden Court, Inverness 

3rd – 8th May 2023 Talin, Estonia Festival and Exchange 

30 June – 3 July 2023 Dublin, Irish Youth Dance Festival  

19th July 2023 Glasgow, YDance performance (dates TBC) 

July 2023 U.Dance (dates TBC) 

July 2023 Merchant City Festival (dates TBC) 

August 2023 Estonian Youth Dance Company Exchange in Scotland  

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