Moving in sync with others is good for our well being

Did you know that moving in sync with others is good for our well-being and self esteem? Lumsden et al.‘s (2014) findings state that moving to a synchronous rhythm with others impacts how we...

Creative Dance as Experiential Learning in State Primary Education: The Potential Benefits for Children

Through our cross curricular dance project, Shake It Up we experienced how beneficial dance can be in developing learning, but it’s not just YDance who have discovered this. Payne and Costa (2020) say creative...

Can dancing make you smarter?

We all know the saying, “healthy mind, healthy body” but can dancing actually make you smarter?  This article is based on the 21-year study of senior citizens, led by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine...

Are you aware of Culture Counts?

Are you aware of Culture Counts? They are the collective voice of Scotland's cultural sector, formed in 2011 to advocate for the value and importance of culture to life in Scotland. The group is made...

Shake It Up Evaluation Report

Shake It Up was an interdisciplinary dance project for Scottish schools developed by YDance and funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. The project aimed at working with primary schools participating in the Scottish Government’s...

Cultural Learning Alliance – The Arts For Every Child

Read the latest briefing paper from the Cultural Learning Alliance on why arts education is a social justice issue. Cultural Learning Alliance Briefing Paper Number 5 - The Arts For Every Child.  Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay. 

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