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Ignite (2010)

In partnership with Smallpetitklein Dance Company and with funding from the National Lottery through Creative Scotland, we created a programme of quality dance experiences just for boys and young men across Scotland.

Ignite involved creating a number of local dance groups, the development of an all male professional dance performance and a couple of sharing days where boys from all over the country came together to work with a number of different choreographers and showcase their dance skills.

“What a fantastic performance we enjoyed last night. Amazing dancing, wonderful music and great set. The workshops were great fun too and the boys really enjoyed it. We had every P6 and P7 boy on Mull there.”
– Sheena Miller, Mull Theatre

Ignite Double Bill (Toured in 2010)

Touch Paper (Choreographed by Andy Howitt)

The lads – Moko, Heggie, Malky, Zinc and Davo. Their power struggle builds and builds until bang – it ignites in a fiery inferno! But who will light the touch paper? This furnace of physical theatre, performed by five male dancers, explores the complexities of human relationships in a high energy, explosive combination of dance motifs and gestures.

Trigger (Choreographed by Thomas Small)

An underlying, volatile ember triggers a series of events that result in a menacing explosion of raw athleticism and ferocious energy. This powerful new work for five men convulses with a brutish and disruptive force that electrifies and excites audiences. This is dance at breakneck speed and power.

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“Two works performed by professional dancers that ably demonstrate the unique qualities of all-male dance.”
– The Scotsman