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Child Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment (CRWIA)

What is the Child Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment (CRWIA)?

CRWIA is a purpose-built policy and legislation impact assessment (IA) originally developed for use by Scottish Government officials (but can also be used by external organisations). It was launched on 15 June 2015 as part of the implementation strategy for Ministerial duties under Part 1 of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014.

CRWIA covers individual children, groups of children, and all children up to age 18. It has been developed as an approach, a tool and a published output. It is intended to help us champion the interests of children, as well as challenge us to think about what more we can do to place children and young people at the centre of our policies.

Why do we need CRWIAs?

Ministers committed to CRWIAs as a means of delivering their children’s rights duties under the 2014 Act which embeds UNCRC rights in Scottish legislation.

The reach of the UNCRC is far wider than Equalities legislation although some categories of individuals may be covered by both, for example those with protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010: disability, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation.

The UNCRC considers all individual children or groups of children, for example by age band or setting, or those who are eligible for special protection or assistance, e.g. preschool children, children with additional support needs, children in hospital, children in rural areas, looked after children (children in care), young people who offend, children affected by violence, drugs or alcohol, poverty or deprivation, homelessness, victims of abuse or exploitation (trafficking, economic or sexual), child asylum-seekers or refugees.

YDance CashBack for Change CRWIA (PDF)

The Scottish Government have developed a helpful UNCRC training tool.

For more information on Children’s Rights and the CRWIA, please visit this page


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