Diverse Moves

Diverse Moves

Diverse Moves

Launched in January 2022, Diverse Moves is a one-year project funded by Chance to Study. The project is run by YDance in partnership with North Ayrshire Council.

Diverse Moves delivers inspiring and inclusive dance sessions to young refugees and migrants as well as young people from the home communities in North Ayrshire.  Working closely with North Ayrshire to target and engage socially and culturally diverse groups of participants aged 12 – 21.  As part of this programme, they will build better physical health and mental wellbeing whilst raising their confidence, self-esteem, and life-skills through dance.

Strategic Outcomes

  • Promotion of diversity and social inclusion within communities
  • Young people gain a sense of physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Young people develop confidence, creativity, self-expression, and performance skills
  • Young people become more involved in their community



Diverse Moves is a partnership project between YDance and North Ayrshire Council.




Diverse Moves is funded by the Scottish Children’s Lottery/Chance to Study.




For further information on Diverse Moves please contact us:

Tel: 0141 552 7712

Email: kelly@ydance.org

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