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Under the Same Sky

Under the Same Sky (2008 – 2011)

Under the Same Sky took life in January 2008 when we invited asylum seekers, refugess and their friends from across Glasgow to come together and explore a range of dance styles in a weekly dance group.

We ran a range of different sessions across the City until June 2011 and took part in Scottish Refugee Week in 2008, 2009, 2010 and again in 2011.

“Under the Same Sky is so much more than a display of what’s been achieved so far, jolly and uplifting though that is. What really counts is the work that Andy Howitt and his YDance team are doing behind closed doors, as young Glaswegians from different cultures and backgrounds match their feet to the beat and discover the value of a shared groove.” – Mary Brennan, The Herald on the Under The Same Sky performance at The Tron in 2009

Under The Same Sky was funded by the Lankelly Chase Foundation, Glasgow Life and the Scottish Refugee Council.

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