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Maelstrom – National Youth Dance Company of Scotland 2016
Available until Thursday 9th July 2020

The next event in the YDance online performance programme is Maelstrom, performed by the 2016 National Youth Dance Company of Scotland, available from Friday 3rd – Thursday 9th July.


This piece examines the invisible invasions we all live with in this media driven, online obsessed world we are living in.  How much control do we have on what is imprinting on us, how is this overloading us and what is seeping in, unconsciously or consciously, interrupting our human interactions and relationships, causing growth or destruction?

“We now see more data in one day that humans used to see in their whole lifetime” – Juan Enriquez

“If you think that you are suffering from information overload you may be right – a new study shows everyone is bombarded by the equivalent of 174 newspapers of data a day” – The Telegraph 2016

“The culture of the 21st century will be defined by the interface” – Aaron Koblin

NYDCS 2016 - Maelstrom

NYDCS 2016 - Maelstrom

Creative team:
Choreographer: Anna Kenrick and the dancers
Music: Original score by David Paul Jones
Lighting Design: Simon Gane
Costumes: Jennie Lööf

Katelyn Bedford, Samuel Burkett, Molly Danter, Shannon Dray, Amy Espie, Antonia Giomi, Taylor Han, Will Hodson, Rachel Laird, Alexandra MacKenzie, Corrie McKenzie, Caitlyn Taylor and Jay Yule.

Find out more about the National Youth Dance Company of Scotland.

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Coming Soon: GO! by Hagit Yakira & Alert To The Voices Of Others by Theo Clinkard – Project Y 2017
Friday 10th – Thursday 16th July

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