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Local Heroes

Local Heroes (2014)

Local Heroes was a project delivered in partnership with South Lanarkshire Leisure & Culture (SLLC) to commemorate the First World War.

The project worked with young males from four secondary schools in South Lanarkshire to bring to life the untold stories from letters and personal diaries of the men who served in the Cameronian regiment during the First World War.

With the help of Low Parks Museum’s records from the Cameronian archives and a local solider who served in the 19th Hussars and 11th Armored Division during the Second World War, YDance and SLLC were able to choreograph and create an emotional performance piece which gave an insightful account of a local soldier, Private John Gray, who fought during the First World War in the Cameronian regiment.

The project was delivered in four local secondary schools with a cast of young male students and professional performers and included dance, spoken word, original music and film.

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