Conferences & Events

Conferences & Events

Conferences and Events

YDance has 30 years of experience of delivering exceptional dance opportunities in a range of youth, education and community settings across Scotland, the UK and abroad. To disseminate learning, we aim to regularly present at conferences and events across the globe. Each project we run has a robust evaluation process which gives us rich data and learning on the impact our work has and is valuable information for the dance sector. 

Where to find us next:

Head of Participation Kelly Shearer and Head of Education Linzi McLagan will present at ITAC6 (International Teaching Artists Conference) in Oslo, Norway, on the 1st – 3rd of September 2022. ITAC6’s theme will be Art as a catalyst for change, exploring the intersections of arts with education, health, environment, and society in the 2020s. 

Propelled by the delivery and findings of our current project, CashBack for Change, Kelly and Linzi’s session (Dance for Change in a juvenile prison/secure context) will look at Changing incarcerated young people’s perceptions of dance and, ultimately, their perceptions of themselves.

ITAC conferences are a dedicated gathering space for artists who work in communities, schools, and beyond, using their practice to create positive social change. The conferences take place in different parts of the world every two years and provide Teaching Artists with space for international networking, professional development, accessing the next best, radical practices, partnership building, knowledge exchanges and more.

Most recently we have presented at: 

Scottish Ballet- Moving Minds Immersive conference

Presentation: An insight into the planning, re-planning, delivery, impact, and learning from the CashBack for Change project, currently being delivered in HM & YOI Polmont by YDance, in partnership with Glass performance, Barnardo’s and the Scottish Prison Service (SPS).

A practical workshop exploring the ways in which YDance artists use dance to engage young people currently incarcerated at HM & YOI Polmont.  Through a variety of movement-based games, activities, and creative tasks, this session aims to demonstrate how we can change young people’s perceptions of dance, increase their physical and mental wellbeing and ultimately change their perceptions of themselves

National Dance Education Organisation Conference 2021 – Online 

Presentation: Shake It Up: How does a subject like dance permeate the boundaries of a traditional school ecology? 

Exploring Arts and Recovery – Children and Young People Event 2021 – Online

Presentation: Positive Childhood Experiences and the Arts

International Teaching Artist Conference 2020 – Online 

Presentation: How does a subject like dance permeate the boundaries of a traditional school ecology or learning environment? 

SSASEA (Sub-Saharan African Society for Education) 2020 – Online

Presentation: Shake It Up: How does a subject like dance permeate the boundaries of a traditional school ecology? 

Arts in Justice Network 2020 – Online

Presentation: Dance for Engagement – learning from The Cashback for Change project. 

International Teaching Artist Conference 2016 – New York 

Presentation: The teaching methodologies used in cross curricular dance.  

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