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Hothouse Level 2 – 2021

Hothouse 2020

Middle of this Nowhere

Our journey with Hothouse has been an interesting yet inspiring one. We started off with three different weekend workshops at the Tramway Theatre in Glasgow, where we explored and discovered new ways to move and new ways to come up with choreography. Props, music, speech and choreographic devices were just some of the ideas and stimuli that we examined together.

Unfortunately due to Covid 19, the project took a different direction. So instead of choreographing our own piece, we have had the unique opportunity to produce a dance film as a collective group to be presented at the U Dance 2020 Digital Festival. To create this online piece, we have had various Zoom meetings over the past month to discuss and develop ideas. In between these meetings, each of us chose a natural environment that we found inspiring, where we could film our creative movement. These clips were then edited together by a member of our choreography group, Katie Taylor, to produce our final dance film.

As a group of six young choreographers, aged between 15 – 21, our overall Hothouse experience has helped to grow our creative minds, to develop our collaboration skills and to journey forward as individual choreographers and dancers.

Inspiration and Theme
The mounds of the ground are the steps of the stairs I walk,
Have you walked these?
Choose your own path,
Of where you should go,
High in the sky or in the river below,
But remember it’s important,
To stop and to slow” – written by Katie Taylor

“Dance allows us to connect to our bodies, feelings and surroundings. This piece reflects how the outside world can act as a source of inspiration to spark movement and allow us to fully immerse ourselves within nature.” – Ruth Walker

Dancers/Choreographers: Katie Taylor, Rose Robertson, Ruth Walker, Aoife Henderson, Greta Cardilli and Katie Reddick.

Music: ‘In the Middle of this Nowhere’ by Hammock (Oblivion Hymns).

Hothouse 2017

Photos: YDance

Hothouse 2015

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