About Hothouse 

Hothouse is a FREE choreographic training programme for ages 14 – 21 which aims to give young choreographers a chance to develop their skills and knowledge and find their unique creative voice. 

Through the Hothouse programme, up to 8 young choreographers will take part in online and in person workshops and be supported to create a duet or trio with their own dancers.  

Delivered by two of Scotland’s major dance organisations, YDance and Scottish Ballet, this unique programme gives young choreographers the opportunity to create their own piece of dance for performance at the major UK dance festival, UDance in July 2023. 

Hothouse will help you develop as a young choreographer by: 

  • Developing your choreographic skills, knowledge and understanding 
  • Developing your unique movement language and ways to work with a range of stimuli 
  • Developing your leadership skills and confidence 
  • Exposing you to positive role models within the industry 
  • Encouraging your own creative independent voice and unique style 
  • Supporting you as young emerging artist to create a piece for performance 


To take part in Hothouse you must: 

  • Be aged between 14 and 21 
  • Be from or living in Scotland 
  • Have an interest in creating your own choreography 
  • Have a desire to develop your choreographic skills and knowledge 

We encourage dancers from a variety of dancing backgrounds to take part. 


There is no charge to take part in Hothouse – it’s FREE! 

Details of the next Hothouse programme will be announced soon. 


Hothouse is run in partnership with Scottish Ballet and Citymoves Dance Agency.

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