The Tour

The Tour

NYDCS Tour 2023 – The Art of Falling

“…instead of being nervous about keeping our balance in a world in which so many aspects of our lives are in dangers of falling apart, we need to accept our falls with grace and learn how to land with intention” 

“How to Land: Finding Ground in an Unstable World” by Ann Cooper Albright 2019 

Creative Team 

Choreographer – Anna Kenrick 
Director – Philippa Clark 
Costume Design – Jenni Loof 
Lighting Design – Simon Gane 
Rehearsal director / assistant choreographer – Gillian Montgomery 

Music included in this piece:

Text generated by dancers and Philippa Clark 
Cinematic Delirium – Mount Fuji 
Sainkho Namtchaylak – Naked Spirit 
Alice In Winter – Don’t let go 
Christophe Zurfluh – Drum Message 
Max Richter – November

See NYDCS on tour in 2023 at the following events:

Tour Information:

Saturday 18th February – Eden Court Theatre, Inverness, SCOTLAND – Destinations 2023

Sunday 7th May – Tallinn, ESTONIA – Estonia Festival

Saturday 1st July  – Dublin, IRELAND – Irish Youth Dance Festival 

Saturday 15th July –  Tramway, Glasgow, SCOTLAND – Project Y Evolution – BOOK NOW >>

Sunday 23rd July – Newcastle, ENGLAND – U.Dance – Tickets on sale soon!

Friday 4th – Sunday 6th August – Dance Base, Edinburgh, SCOTLAND – Edinburgh Fringe – BOOK NOW >>


Previous Tours

NYDCS Tour 2022 – Sounds Like…

“In the particular is contained the universal” James Joyce
The bigger themes contained within our favourite films, songs and books connect us, offering a doorway into who we are and what we feel is important. What do they sound like, how do they make us feel, but more importantly, can we express how deeply they move us?  Using the parameters of a simple game we encountered the frustrations of not always being understood whilst opening up an expansive space to express ourselves that breaks free from the rules. 

Co-created by Anna Kenrick and Philippa Clark
Music from the soundtracks of the following films:

  • Little Women
  • Peanut Butter Falcon
  • The Father

Costume and Set design – Jennie Lööf
Lighting Design – Simon Gane
Music edit – Chris Bogle

Tour Information:

7th May – Eden Court Theatre, Inverness
20th July – Tramway, Glasgow
22nd July  – U.Dance Festival,  Birmingham
26/27th July  – Merchant City Festival, Glasgow
August – Dance Base – Edinburgh Fringe Festival

More information to follow!


NYDCS Tour 2020 – Beneath Words

By choreographer Anna Kenrick and dramaturg Philippa Clark.
Lighting Design by Simon Gane. Costumes by Jennie Lööf.

Conversations and debates grow in pace and rhythm as the dancers gather together to make sense of what connects them. The power of words surge through their bodies as they express their world views and personal politics, whilst seeking acceptance and patience. As the discussions shift from intimate and supportive to explosive and revealing, their physical expressions are what connect them most deeply.

Beneath words there’s a whole other language.

Saturday 7th March 2020 – Premiere at Destinations 2020 – Macrobert Arts Centre, Stirling

Monday 15th June – Sunday 21st June 2020 – Performance available to stream online.


NYDCS Tour 2019 – For Those Who Wait

Choreographed by Anna Kenrick and the dancers, directed by Philippa Clark

March 2019 –  Premiere performance of For Those Who Wait at Destinations at Macrobert Arts Centre (Stirling, Scotland)

March 2019 – Mapdance (Dundee, Scotland)

April 2019 – Collaboration with Groupe Grenade (Marseille, France)

May 2019 – SDT Fresh Edit (Dundee, Scotland)

July 2019 – Australian Youth Dance Festival and cultural exchange with Origins Dance Company (Melbourne, Australia)

July 2019 – U:Dance Festival (London, England)

NYDCS Tour 2018 – Di-ver-gent

Choreographed by Anna Kenrick and the dancers, directed by Philippa Clark

February 2018 – Premier performance of Di-ver-gent at Destinations, Tramway (Glasgow, Scotland)

March 2018 – Mapdance (Dundee, Scotland)

April 2018 – Exchange and performance with Yellow Wheel Dance Company (Melbourne, Australia). As well as Di-ver-gent, the company also performed Neo with Yellow Wheel Dance Company which was choreographed by Adam Wheeler and the dancers.

May 2018 – ACT (Dundee, Scotland)

June 2018 – North of Scotland Dance Show (Inverness, Scotland)

August 2018 – Generation Dance Festival – Part of Festival 2018, the cultural programme for the Glasgow 2018 European Championships (Glasgow, Scotland)

NYDCS Tour 2017 – Re|place (or, the thing I miss most)

Choreographed by Yael Flexer

March 2017 – Premier performance of Re|place (Or, the thing I miss most) at Destinations, Tramway (Glasgow, Scotland)

May 2017 – Dundee Dance Festival (Dundee, Scotland)

June 2017 – Performance with Edinburgh Quartet (Edinburgh, Scotland). This performance was not Re|place but rather a new piece of worked choreographed by Marc Brew.

July 2017 – Irish Youth Dance Festival (Dublin, Ireland)

July 2017 – U.Dance National Festival (Birmingham, England)

August 2017 – Dance Bridges Festival (Kolkata, India). The 2016/2017 Company performed not only Re|place but also Maelstrom, choreographed by Anna Kenrick.

NYDCS Tour 2016 – Maelstrom

Choreographed by Anna Kenrick

March 2016 – Premier performance of Maelstrom at Destinations, Tramway (Glasgow, Scotland)

April 2016 – Ten Thousand Miles, The Q (Canberra, Australia)

July 2016 – U.Dance, The Lowry (Salford Quays, England)

September 2016 – Danspunt Festival (Belgium)


If you would like the National Youth Dance Company of Scotland to perform at your next event please email or call the YDance office on 0141 552 7712.

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