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Tell Us Who We Are

Tell Us Who We Are (2018)

Commissioned for Festival 2018 – the cultural programme for the Glasgow 2018 European Championships – Tell Us Who We Are was the first collaboration between YDance, the National Youth Choir of Scotland, Scottish Youth Theatre and the National Youth Orchestras of Scotland.

Written by Gary McNair, directed by Mary McCluskey, choreographed by Anna Kenrick, with music by Claire McCue, Tell Us Who We Are featured performance, dance and new music. The young cast were joined by a forty-strong choir and community cast to inhabit the iconic space of the Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow. Working with arts professionals, the collective developed the piece to reflect, represent and celebrate the voice of young people today.

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“It was supposed to be the war to end all wars, but here we are in 2018, and wars are still being waged across the globe.

“In Tell Us Who We Are, we, the young people ask what can we tell you about war? In this, the 100th Anniversary year of the end of the First World War, what can we, the mollycoddled, millennials with our safe spaces tell you about anything?

“Through the prism of war, we contrast our lives to those of all the young people who have lived in the century following the end of WWI. We have all the information we could ever need about the world at the touch of a button, but now, in the Year of Young People, we want to know what the world thinks of us. Is our voice being heard?”