Reconnect 2021

Reconnect 2021 – Digital Performance Platform

Reconnect 2021 is YDance’s digital performance platform showcasing the work of some of the best young dancers and youth dance groups from across Scotland.

With a dazzling selection of digital dance films performed by young dancers aged 12 – 21, this is a celebration of youth dance talent not to be missed.

Join us on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th June 2021 at 6pm on the YDanceScotland Facebook page >>>

Reconnect U.Dance EXCLUSIVE!

Reconnect 2021 is the only U.Dance regional qualifier in Scotland. YDance and industry body One Dance UK will work in partnership to select a number of films from Scotland to be showcased at the U.Dance 2021 Festival. Selection of the Scottish films will be made at Reconnect. Meet the U.Dance selection panel >>>

Saturday 5th June – 6pm

Running Order

  1. The Grounding Project – Exposed by the Elements
  2. Sophie Galloway – Silenced
  3. Lily-Bell and Lola Mae Gill – Together
  4. Evie Gallagher – I Want To Be Seen
  5. Overdrive Dance Company – 3billion
  6. Tiegan Blackhall – The Mad Hatter
  7. Joanna Lindsay – Keep going, keep waiting
  8. Indepen-dance Young 1’z – Arcs
  9. Daisy Cleland – Head Space
  10. Bright – Take Time
  11. Scottish Ballet Youth Exchange – Surface Tension

Sunday 6th June – 6pm

Running Order

  1. Dance North Youth Company – Anywhere But Here!
  2. Alight (RCS Junior Conservatoire) – 100 Years of Dance
  3. Rosie Robertson – In the Front Room
  4. Nicolette McCormack – Safe To Be Me
  5. Farrah and Zakia Fawcett – What Was Known
  6. Indepen-dance Young 1’z – Building Movement
  7. Abbie Stephen, Agness Lai and Emmy Keenan – The Light at the End of the Tunnel
  8. Lily-Bell Gill, Kiera Hair and Daisy Cleland – Studio to Sea
  9. Fusion Youth Dance Company – Now

Programme Notes

The Grounding Project – Exposed by the Elements

Exposed by the Elements is a short film that explores the question: how can we embody and reconnect to the four elements (earth, wind, water and fire)? It aims to reintroduce the dancer and viewer to the overwhelming powers of the elements. The film captures four individual dancers; each representing a different element through their movement, costume and location. The representation is abstract and comes from each individual’s relationship and response as the movement/choreography in the film has been created through a workshopping process. Exposed by the Elements captures impromptu ‘duets’
between the dancers and the present element.

Sophie Galloway – Silenced

My piece is about how too often, people are currently being silenced from speaking out about their challenges and their own beliefs. My piece starts off with me being the one who has been silenced, who then as the dance progresses starts to break free of the situation I am trapped in, so that come the end of the dance I have completely broken away from everything and I am no longer unable to use my voice, I am no longer silenced.

Lily-Bell and Lola Mae Gill – Together

Our theme is about no matter how hard something is, you never have to go through it alone. If it is feeling trapped and isolated quite like the situation we are in now or if you are feeling alone, there will always be someone there and when you’re willing to let them in
it makes life easier. We wanted to make a piece that many people would relate to and understand. A piece that is quite fitting to what people are going through now.

Evie Gallagher – I Want To Be Seen

I Want To Be Seen encaptures my need to be watched and seen, no matter what. When you see me you may notice these things and that’s okay, because I control what you see and how I feel about it. I used improvisation to discover how my body naturally reacts to the idea of being watched.

Overdrive Dance Company – 3billion

During the first Covid-19 restrictions, Overdrive Dance Company were unable to meet in person. Over Zoom calls, we began reimagining our staged work 3billion as a piece of filmed work. The young company created tasks and filmed themselves to create the film of 3billion.

There are 3billion bases to human DNA. The film and performance, 3billion, is an exploration of male identities: questioning who we are, who we will become, and do we have to follow the path set for us?

Tiegan Blackhall – The Mad Hatter

My theme was taken from my favourite ballet Alice in Wonderland. Exploring the different interpretations of the Mad Hatter within one choreographic piece was my stimulus.

Joanna Lindsay – Keep going, keep waiting

This dance piece was created as part of our Dance Improvisation class at Dance Studio Scotland during lockdown. As part of the choreographic process, we were given various words, phrases and concepts which we were to interpret in our own way to create sections of movement. We were then told to put these sections together to create a unique solo piece, and to film it in interesting locations near our homes. My piece represents the struggles of lockdown; the constant anxiety, wondering when it would end, feeling stuck but needing to push through and keep going.

Indepen-dance Young 1’z – Arcs

Arcs captures the concentration and openness of Young 1’z as these young people navigate their way through lockdown, determined to keep dancing together – apart. Visual Artist, Brian Hartley set the dancers the task of filming themselves on their phones and edited these clips to create Arcs.

Daisy Cleland – Head Space

My theme is about putting my thoughts, feelings and worries into perspective when things become overwhelming. I did this by dividing my dance into two distinct sections linked by a recurring motif; the first section where I am feeling overwhelmed and anxious, and the second where I am realising that in the grand scheme of things my problems aren’t as difficult to overcome as they seem at first and I am able to use this to put things into perspective. It is the feeling of weight being lifted from my shoulders with this
realisation. I was inspired by this video, as it shows how small we are when compared to the universe and much bigger problems have been overcome as time has passed. Another stimulus for this piece was the sunrise as it is an indication of a fresh start, hope, and a reminder that there is always another day to tackle problems. Thinking this way and taking time to breathe has helped me through lockdown and I wanted to express these feelings through my choreography.

Bright – Take Time

Take Time explores how time seemed to shift and warp during lockdown. Exploring this from a young person’s perspective, it felt like days would drag on for ever, then suddenly months would fly by. In response to this we looked at using speed, slowness, reversing and repeating our movements to play with the perception of time.

Scottish Ballet Youth Exchange – Surface Tension

Surface Tension was created during lockdown with dancers on the 2021 Scottish Ballet Youth Exchange Programme. Unable to work together in a studio we found a connection through exploring the notion of each being in a bubble, cut off from the world. From there I created material illustrating the tension between the situation the young dancers found themselves in and the fantasies created by the imagination. The surreal elements of the film are underlined by the atmospheric music by Loscil and by the expert editing of Beth Chalmers. Sophie Laplane 

Dance North Youth Company – Anywhere But Here!

During the first Corona Virus lockdown of 2020 Gail Sneddon worked with Dance North Youth Company to create 5 digital shorts called ANYWHERE BUT HERE! exploring the question “what does it mean to belong?” These were completely devised on zoom and shot on mobile phones by the dancers themselves or family members. Each film focuses on a
word which when watched back-to-back forms the sentence I ESCAPE DARKNESS TO GET TO ME.

Alight (RCS Junior Conservatoire) – 100 Years of Dance

This piece was a collaboration between the dancers and choreographer where they took their inspiration from well recognised dance movements that inspired them over the past 100 years. The dancers used this inspiration to create a wonderful mash up of styles and sequences which were also influenced by the current context in which we find our world!

Rosie Robertson – In the Front Room

‘In the Front Room’ was created as part of my NC dance at Glasgow Clyde College and developed from a series of creative tasks delivered on Zoom which prompted me to explore how I can dance in my own home. The movement itself grew out of my environment and then in turn inspired the way I altered my surroundings to suit my dance film. During
this time I was thinking a lot about my family and how much I value spending time with loved ones, particularly my grandma and my mum, whose voices can both be heard during the piece.

Nicolette McCormack – Safe To Be Me

My piece was a personal take on what makes me/ will make me feel safe to be me. I express what I think is a soul struggle and what I want to change. This short piece involves me experiencing the emotions that myself and others have suffered from due to racism. I show the beginning of my hurt towards being treated as less than and disrespected, how that progresses and makes me feel and finally the outcome of what these extremities have led to.

Farrah and Zakia Fawcett – What Was Known

Ritualistic behaviours in a time of absence
Reaching for an earthier,more ancient form
Grounding. Gathering. Connecting.
Looking back. Twisted roots swollen with life.
Looking forward. Helpless. Untouched.
Forms, contorted and appearing.
Rush. Talk to the the trees.

Indepen-dance Young 1’z – Building Movement

Building Movement was rapidly edited from material developed in response to choreographic tasks set by Dance Artists, Dawn Hartley. Building Movement gives a glimpse into how the dancers have maintained the ability to connect with one another’s movements even though they are far apart. We hope you enjoy spotting the moments of warmth and
humour between the dancers.

Abbie Stephen, Agness Lai and Emmy Keenan – The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Our dance piece is about believing that something good will happen, looking on the bright side and having faith things will get better.

Lily-Bell Gill, Kiera Hair and Daisy Cleland – Studio to Sea

Our piece was developed from a National Certificate in Dance choreography Unit: ‘Technology and Dance’. We devised the piece to demonstrate the planning, creation and evaluating skills, comparing and contrasting the sensations of performance platforms
and space.

Fusion Youth Dance Company – Now

Now explores the shift of reconnection with one another again, with the addition of new technological mediums. 

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